Trongsa : Nubi Gewog

Activities :

Introductory Workshop at Nubi Gewog.

Project Introduction & conducting need assessment of the SHGs.

BAOWE Team consisting of the Founder CEO, Resource person from Department of Traditional Medicine Services (DTMS), two Field Coordinators visited the Nubi Gewog identified as the beneficiaries of this Project for project implementation.

Key Participants at the Gewog Level Meeting:Trongsa

  1. Three Agriculture Extension Officer
  2. Tshogpas / representatives from respective Chiwogs
  3. Nubi Menjong Nyamley Tshogdey Cooperative.
  4. Founder/CEO, BAOWE
  5. Field Coordinators, BAOWE.
  6. Resource Person / Local Expert, ITMS.
  7. Entrepreneur who runs Common Facility Centre.

Trongsa area is well known for Medicinal plants and herbs. The cooperative name Nubi Menjong Nyamley Tshogdey was formed by BAOWE in collaboration with DepaIMG_4522rtment of Horticulture (2012-2013). There are currently 150 households registered under one name ‘Nubi Menjong Nyamley Tshogdey’ MAP Cooperative. These members are all involved in supplying and cultivation of these medicinal plants some of which are taken to Common Facility Center for Value addition such as powdering, oil extraction, etc and some are supplied directly through Department of Traditional Medicine and services as a raw form for product development such as ointment, herbal tea.

Overall objective of this Cooperative formation is to conserve natural resources, reduce poverty and improve livelihoods of mountain communities through the sustainable development and utilization of high-value, low-volume medicinal plants and products. One of the components of the cooperative is establishing Common Facility Center (CFCs). CFCs are common processing and market-linking facilities to be managed by local communities and a multi-stakeholder group.

Trongsa is completely new to TA 9016BHU Project. Trongsa Medicinal & Aromatic Plant Cooperative was already formed in 2012  (more details log in to Common Facility Center Project). With initiation of TA Project “Decentralized Coordination and Partnerships for Gender Equality’, Trongsa was also identified as one of the  beneficiaries.

In this phase of the project TA 9016 BHU, BAOWE will work to develop an inclusive strategy to bring on board the community of Nubi empowering them through entrepreneurship and livelihood activities.

The project will develop and promote appropriate production and post harvest technologies, develop marketing strategies, develop community- based enterprise, promote market information dissemination systems and build capacity of the cooperative to enhance livelihoods and conserve the natural resource base which will complement their already existing activity of MAPs production. And also to boost the skills of women in processing of MAPs, fruits, spice and vegetables and thus opening new channels for income generation.

Recently in April 2017, a new Product ‘Anti Cellulite Massage Oil’ was developed and launched using Carum Carvi (Goned). The product was developed with the support from Pelden Enterprise Limited(

With the support from TA 9016BHU, the project hope to value add on the existing group’s products. Apart from the cultivation, the group will also look into the prod14971770_10154676970324029_1737091584_nuct diversification and processing the raw product into processed goods with labeling and packaging.

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAPs)

  • Saussurea Costus Lappa (Ruta)
  • Carum Carvi (Goned)
  • Inula Helium (Manu)
  • spices

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