Advancing Economic Opportunity for Women and Girls at Zhemgang & Trashigang

Project Description

With the funding from Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR-9155), Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneur (BAOWE) has implemented a project called “Advancing Economic Opportunity for Women and Children” in rural areas of Zhemgang & Trashigang Dzongkhag. 18 SHGs were formed under Zhemgang Dzongkhag and 1 cooperative under Trashigang Dzongkhag. The project aims to bring positive changes in the livelihood practices of women and girls through promotion of groups. With the implementation of this project 315 rural house hold of Zhemgang & around 100 households of Trashigang majority of women were benefited.

Gewog Self Help Group (SHG) Activity
TRONG – 5 SHGs – Vegetable, cardamom, Dairy
Shingkhar – 2 SHGs – Poultry, Vegetable
Phangkhar – 5 SHGs – Mushroom, Dairy, Restaurant, Vegetable
Nangkhor – 6 SHGs – Beekeeping, Vegetable & Rice,Mushroom, Poultry.

Vegetable Group : The vegetable groups were initially provided with quality seeds along with working shed, agriculture farming equipments and tools. To enhance the skills of the groups in the operational area, various scientific methods of vegetable cultivation, organic farming and best practices of vegetable cultivation training were provided with the support of National Organic programme and by Bhutan Alpine seed Centre. The group were also trained in basis Accounting and book keeping along with leadership group conflict and management. Group saving with other financial institute were initiated .Similarly for better networking and market linkage for the groups facilitated several times through workshop and seminar.

Cardamom Group: Group leased out two acres of land for cardamom cultivation. Each group was provided with 2800 cardamom sapling by the project. Project also provided the group with a working shed, equipments and tools, cardamom drying and packaging materials.
Group members were trained in cardamom cultivation, management and post harvest.
For better functioning and management of the group, selected members from the group underwent leadership, conflict management and record keeping training at Rural Development training centre, Zhemgang.

Poultry Group. There are three poultry group. Each group was provided with 160 pullets and poultry feed, pullet raring equipments and a poultry coops by the project. Group saving with the BDBL were also introduced. Group represented attended the record keeping training at RDTC. Similarly for better networking and market linkage for the groups facilitated several times through workshop and seminar.

Mushroom Group: there are two mushroom groups consisting of 13 and 7 members in each group. Initially group has started with 6000 billets of shitake mushroom and 300 bags of oyster mushroom. They were trained in mushroom cultivation, management and harvesting with the support from Mushroom Training centre, Thimphu. Members were even trained in oyster mushroom seed making training. Accounting and bookkeeping training were provided to the groups.

Dairy group: To enhance the Economic status and improvement of livelihood through production and marketing of Dairy products a common milk processing unit is established at Trong and Phangkhar Gewog. Presently there are 20 members in this cooperative. The members undertake to produce fresh milk at their respective households, and supply to the collection centre from where it is processed, value added and is marketed to respective buyers. The profit is divided equally amongst the cooperative group. Certain amounts from the proceeds sale go to the cooperative management fund. Monthly meetings are conducted at the milk collection centre.

Livestock Feed Cooperative : There are 19 members working in the feed unit. Presently they are manufacturing 3 types of livestock feed – Piggery, Poultry and cattle supplying within the locality and also outside till Trashigang, Khaling and Deothang.

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