The Secretariat is organized along four broad programmes  or themes to begin with which will be altered as BAOWE grows:

  1. Development of Women-run and Women Owned Cluster Cooperatives
  2. Micro Finance Programme
  3. Research, Branding, Packaging and Marketing of Women’s Products.
  4. Women’s Niche Enterprises

All the Projects are also organized along these four Broad Programmes.

Other related engagements of BAOWE

To further the aims and objectives of the organisation, among other things BAOWE will also engage in following types of activities:

  • To borrow or raise funds required for the purpose of the Association on such terms and conditions as may be determined.
  • To invest the unutilized funds of the Association in investments, securities or property as may be determined.
  • To support any charitable organisation or purpose that would further meet the social objectives of the Association and its members;
  • To encourage and facilitate social activities, which will promote understanding   and goodwill among all stakeholders, like-minded organisations in Bhutan and beyond. To promote friendly relations and pursue active collaboration with relevant organisations in Bhutan and abroad.
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