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About Fredskorpset  (FK)

FK Norway gives young people in Norway and developing countries the opportunity to experience each other’s reality. We are convinced that the world becomes a little more just when people get to know each other better and create values together.

FK Norway is a part of the national developmental policy. FK Norway was established in 1963 to send people from Norway, and was reorganised in 2000 to do mutual exchange. The Norwegian Parliament allocates funds in the national budget every year so that we can do our job. Our task is to facilitate mutual learning and development of institutions and local communities. We give financial support to organisations and companies that wish to exchange staff with another organisation.

Exchange Programme aims to:

–          To learn language, exposure visit, traditions culture from the host country

–          Learning about organic standard

–          Technical innovation in ecological agriculture

–          The marketing of organic product

–          Self-motivated and opened-mind

–          Willing to live abroad and can adapt to new cultures and situations

–          Good interpersonal communication skill

FK Partners under South-South Exchange Programme:

1. Earth Net Foundation (ENF) focus on: Sustainable farming and appropriate technologies have been demonstrated to help in many cases with such adaptation.

2. Sri Lanka Nature Forum (SLNF) focus on:  Sharing technical knowledge and information among the member organizationswith performing as a facilitator for the member organizations andacting as a forerunner in the needs of environmental conservation.

3.Sustainable Agriculture and Environment Development Association (SEADA) focus on:  Aspires to promote sustainable food security & support poverty alleviation, through gender inclusive, environmentally sound, community participatory approaches.
4. Bhutan Association of Women Enterprise (BAOWE) focus on: endeavors to create a vibrant business environment for women, involving a broad partnership of actors, enablers, contributors and innovators to open opportunities for women and men with a special focus on the poor, disadvantaged, disabled and marginalized.
5. Cambodia Center for Study and Development Agriculture (CEDAC) focus on: Society where small farming households enjoy good living conditions and strong mutual cooperation, with the right and power to determine their own destiny, as well as playing an important role in supplying healthy food for the whole exchange prog (1) fk exchange prog (2) 20130724_161937




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