CFLI Project

Project Number: CFLI-2016-BHU-0003

 Descriptive Project Name: capacity building and Technical support for new and existing members of Women Owned Open Market

BAOWE actively engaged with 40-50 single women entrepreneurs and marginalized youth (existing and potential) develop their own concept and desiIMG_2460gn of an inclusive, happy and well-managed marketplace. The Women’s Only Open Market will be a place to buy and sell home-grown and home-made goods and services.

Products range from dumpling, Rice porridge, cookies, to organic vegetables, fruits,and dairy products.  BAOWE with the support from City Corporation and municipal authority of Thimphu and Phuentsholing has acquired the land and has built the basic infrastructure in prime populated locations.

Women’s Open Market is initiated in order to have clean, safe and hygienic products and environment as per Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) and National Environment Commission (NEC) standards. The market is  managed by a committee of merchants and will run 7 days/week. BAOWE regularly supervises and under the CFLI Project provided with the capacity building initiatives to help these merchants to diversify their products to ensure their market ability to residents of Thimphu and Phuentsholing. Capacity building initiatives will include presentation, storage, packaging, pricing, book-keeping, banking, and marketing.

These basic business skills will enable women to gain a level of competency and confidence while ensuring that their endeavors remain profitable without over-charging customers or compromising the environment.

BAOWE will encourage, facilitate and support groups of such women to work together and slowly, steadily expand the scope and increase the scale of their enterprises and become more visible actors in the formal economic spheres.

Aim of Project:

Strengthen the livelihood and entrepreneurial skills of the members and to make their economic activities of these g

roups sustainable;

Enhance the employability of young people, especially girls, by improving their marketable skills; and

To promote entrepreneurship among women in rural and urban areas and to advocate for a gender friendly environment and police enabling growth of women owned




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