BAOWE is a non government organization, registered under the CSO Act 2007 of Bhutan, which facilitate, empower and promote women’s knowledge and skills for business in its truest sense. BAOWE will work to ensure the development of women’s capacity and related support services to enable women entrepreneurs to conduct profitable businesses and increase their self worth, independence and autonomy.

BAOWE endeavors to create a vibrant business environment for women, involving a broad partnership of actors, enablers, contributors and innovators to open opportunities for women and men with a special focus on single mothers, disabled and marginalized women and unemployed youth.

We would like to invite Established Women Entrepreneurs, Emerging Women Entrepreneurs, Student member and other interested individual or an organization to register as members of BAOWE.

Membership Categories

1. Established Women Entrepreneurs

  • Own a business as a sole proprietor.
  • Are active partner of a partnership or active member of a limited liability company?
  • Are independent contractors or a 5% or greater shareholder in a corporation?
  • Subscribe to the mission and vision of BAOWE.
  • Maintain an office (including home offices) or a business facility.
  • Are involved in the policy- making process and overall day-to-day management of the business.
  • Have been a business owner for more than two (2) years.

2.   Emerging Women Entrepreneurs

  • A first time business owner with a new business less than two (2) years old, or who has not yet started her business

3.  Professional, Student and general members

  • Any individual who is registered full time at a school or university, who subscribes to the objectives of BAOWE and intends to start a business in the future.
  • Women Professionals /any other women who subscribe to the objectives of BAOWE and intend to support/start a business in the future.

Membership of BAOWE entitles you to:

  • Opportunities to link up with relevant, local, regional and international business networks.
  • To promote events and participate in B2B opportunities.
  • Workshops and trainings offered in an ex-country at reduced prices or subsidized.

We look forward to your joining us in fellowship and services to our community.