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Press Release on the launch of the Domestic helpers’ training being organized by BAOWE at BISHT, Taba.

Under the partnership between the Bhutan Association Of Women Entrepreneurs (BAOWE) and Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR), the Domestic Helpers’ training was approved to professionalize and create alternative employment opportunities for unemployed women and girls in particular. The project is intended to be an answer to the acute lack of support services at home for working women and young couples. It is an attempt to address the need in a comprehensive manner by also taking into account the range of issues faced by domestic helpers. Once established, it is a service industry that will empower women and girls (and men) at both ends – as recipients and providers of domestic help -which will be of superior quality and professional in nature.

On 17th March 2011, after a period of planning, developing the curriculum and recruiting the Institute as well as interested candidates, the training of the first batch has finally begun. A simple auspicious traditional ceremony was conducted in the early hours to bless the beginning of the programme. BAOWE President Aum Damchae asked the ‘pioneering group’ not to look back and move ahead to make the most of the training and become successful professionals. She reminded the girls and boys about the need to be mindful about self-respect and discipline at all times in order to be respected by others and succeed in their new career. She convinced them that they will not stagnate as diverse opportunities will open up hereafter.

Later in the day, His Eminence Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche graciously obliged by holding a teaching session with the 51 enrolled trainees (20 Boys and 31girls) and advised them on key aspects of Buddhism as a guide to a way of life that is compassionate, caring and balanced. Rinpoche stressed on the importance of morality and discipline in life in general for all youth of Bhutan, in particular for the group at this training given the profession in which they are going to be engaged. He urged them not to be misled by others and focus on the opportunity they have by working hard and becoming successful to lead the way for many others to follow. Finally, Rinpoche blessed them and granted Vajra-guru ‘lung’(oral transmission).

The training will cover all aspects of housekeeping including kitchen, food and beverage management, Healthcare and personality development. Handling first aid and home emergency situations, childcare, caring for the old, personal hygiene, HIV/AIDS and STDs will be taught by a Senior Nurse from JDWNRH. Driglam namzha/Bhutanese etiquettes, spirituality and awareness raising about social issues and other trends and developments among others are also incorporated into the curriculum in an effort to contribute to their character building as knowledgeable, confident and well rounded individuals/professionals.

The 3-month long training will end in mid June 2011. Professional Domestic Help will become available for all who would be interested to access the high quality and affordable service after that. BAOWE will start registering demands from potential employers (homes and institutions) with immediate effect. Anyone interested may write to us at : or call Ms.Meena Rai at 329126 / 77235887 with your specific needs and details. Watch out for further news and updates at or in the media.

Tashi Delek!

BAOWE Secretariat.

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