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HRH Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck

On the joyous occasion of the first Birth Anniversary of His Royal Highness Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck ,Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAOWE ) joins the Nation in offering humble Prayers to our Guardian Deities for the continued Good Health ,Wellbeing and Happiness of His Royal Highness #Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck .

To commemorate this Auspicious Occassion BAOWE is Happy to launch three products

BAOWE-Pelzhing (Micro Finance Institution )

BAOWE -Pure (Food ,Beverages,Herbs & Dyes )

BAOWE -Fairshare_Bhutan (towards an inclusive Society).

Ongoing – BAOWE


1. BAOWE-Pelzhing (Micro Finance Institution )

Certified by Royal Monetary Authority (RMA)  BAOWE-Pelzhing is a Micro Finance Institution with a difference. The aim is to create a bridge between the Banks and the Unbanked by providing services that are meaningful, cost effective and empowering.

2.  BAOWE -Pure (Food ,Beverages,Herbs & Dyes )

As late bloomers Bhutan has remained mostly untouched by modernization. Our pure and pristine environment along with fertile soil and fresh water is conducive for the growth of healthy foods; therefore BAOWE -Pure. This mark is provided to our members mostly Farmer Self Help Groups. As custodians of property most of the farmers are women who need help in breaking out of limiting stereotypical farming practices.

Bhutan was once known as Menjong Druk Gi Gyalkhab which translates to The Dragon Land of Medicinal Herbs.With this treasure trove of herbs and medicinal plants BAOWE is encouraging entrepreneurs to develop products in partnership with farmers on a profit sharing module.

Our experience has shown that with a little help and encouragement women bloom and are quick in adapting to their new environments.

3,  BAOWE – Fairshare_Bhutan (The registered mark ensures primary producers get their Fairshare).

fair share logoAs a largely agragrian society with more than 80% of the population depending on agriculture, it is crucial that this group be brought into the fore front of economic planned activities. Small land holdings compounded with the lack of marketing networking systems often result in  frustration for farmers unable to  sell their produce and often results in selling to middlemen. Gross returns from sales at farmers markets without middlemen generally are much higher than from sales to wholesalers and distributors.  Small farmers can avoid the high costs associated with transportation of agricultural produce to the market. BAOWE feels that the way forward is to encourage entrepreneurs to buy farmer’s produce preferably at market prices or come to an agreement whereby they provide value addition input with the Fair – Share Bhutan mark.

Fairshare is a indispensible tool for the farmers which creates a fairer distribution of value across the supply chain and it also enables small scale farmers to secure a sustainable price for their produce (Crowther et al, 2013).  This registered Mark signifies primary producers have a share in the net profits of the finished product.

Importance of fair-share.

With Fair Trade, small-scale producers in developing countries receive good and stable prices and greater security. This makes a big difference to their lives. It can enable them to escape from poverty (Litvinoff & Madeley, 2007). According to Litvinoff and Madeley,2007 in case of fair trade products are sold direct from co-operatives to manufacturers thereby cuts down and sometimes even cuts out the middlemen. Actually middlemen can play a useful role, but they can also exploit farmers especially poor small scale farmers who lacks knowledge of prices.

Aims and objectives

  1. Assist the farmers in identifying the market through incorporation of networking system to get a fair share to both the farmers (sellers of their agricultural products) and the clients (buyers).
  2. Aims to help the farmers to get their fairshare price on the products that they have produced and minimize the share taken by the middlemen.
  3. Ensure profit sharing between the Primary producers and Entrepreneurs.

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