Sustainable Rural Biomass Energy (SRBE) Project

Sustainable Rural Biomass Energy (SRBE) Funded by UNDP, GEF & BTFEC, executed by Department of Renewable Energy, MoEA.

Beneficiaries :

Zhemgang – 4 Gewogs = 430 improved stoves

Tsirang       – 12 Gewogs -= 813 improved stoves

 Dagana       – 14 Gewogs = 726 improved stoves.


  1. Energy efficiency.
  2. Positive impact on health due to less emission of smoke.
  3. Energy efficiency will result in household members spending lesser time in piling the required quantity of firewood which in turn will give them more time to engage in economic activities thereby improving their livelihood

Altogether 75 village Technicians were recruited and trained in construction of improved stove and construction of stated Improved number of stoves has been completed in Zhemgang whereas i n Tsirang and Dagana the activity is still ongoing. click here for more pictures.


Village technicians

Village technicians


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