Trashigang Lumang

Activities Selected and Technical assistance needs identified by the Lumang SHG:IMG_0186 IMG_0188

As per the findings of Socio-Economic survey-2012 it was found that Lumang Gewog is predominately an agrarian society where majority of the households are engaged in agriculture works. In this phase of the project, BAOWE will work to develop an inclusive strategy to bring on board the community of Lumang empowering them through entrepreneurship and livelihood activities. After the successful implementation of the grant project “Advancing Economic Opportunities of Young Women & Girls”, funded by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, the members of Lumang Feed Group are now interested in livestock development, which will complement their already existing activity of feed production. It is suggested that much of the increase in livestock production in developing countries has been based on the quality of the feed. BAOWE has already approached the Livestock Department, Ministry of Agriculture requesting for their support and technical assistance on the following activities:  Forage and Pasture Development technical trainings  Demonstration trials using improved pasture species  Management of backyard pastures The proposed activity will value add on the existing group’s products. Apart from the Feed Production, the group will also look into the production of milk and milk processed items.

Community Mobilization
Meeting with the SHG members from Tshogoenpa Chiwog, Chhengri Dungmanma Chiwog, Dubkhang Lumang Chiwog, Risarboo Tsangpo Chiwog and Kharphoog Kurchhilo Chiwog were held at Lumang Gewog Office on the 16th of June 2016, along with the officials from Gewog Administration. The SHG members were briefed about the project aims and objectives and their contribution to make this project a success.
30 members consisting of 24 female and 6 Male are registered as members of the SHG. The need for training activities and capacity building in different aspects connected with the improvement of feed quality, quantity and safety has been acknowledged by the Group. The lack of adequately trained personnel has been recognized as one of the main constraints to the high quantity production of feed. The TA will enhance their chances of accessing lucrative market outlets for their valuable products, providing increased returns to the group.

Figure 6: Lumang SHG members with BAOWE TeamIMG_0182







Figure 7.The group representative sharing her views and technical assistance required from this CDTAIMG_0138 IMG_0140

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