Activities Completed :

1. Introductory Workshops in the 2 Dzongkhags:

Trashigang on 16th June 2016 and Zhemgang on 18th June 2016.
Members present
 Dasho Dzongrab
 Project Manager, BAOWE
 3 project Coordinators
 All Sector heads of the Dzongkhag

Overall frame, goals and objectives of the project and sought partnership, collaboration and support in order to make maximum impact and reduce poverty whilst improving gender inequities in the economy and society were explained highlighting on the following:
i. Basic data of the projectIMG_0652
ii. Financing plan
iii. Project area and location
iv. Objective and scope of the Project
v. Expected key performance indicators.
Figure 1: photos taken during Project Introductory meeting at the Dzongkhag and Gewog level along with beneficiaries.

Aim of the Workshop: Project Introduction & to conduct need assessment of the SHGs.

Difficulties and shortcomings encountered in implementing the project during this reporting period

1. With the onset of monsoon and incessant rainfall, the farm roads to the Gewog centres were very difficult and risky to travel. In some stretches, road formations were washed away. The Trongsa trip had to be cancelled because of continuous road blocks along the Trongsa-Zhemgang Highway.

2. Scattered Villages
For Lumang Gewog, Trashigang, it was not a setback as all the villages are connected with feeder roads. However in the villages of Zhemgang; all the villages are scattered. Travelling from one village to another itself is a big challenge. Most of these villages do not have a motor able road.

Moments from 1st Quarter : 

IMG_0192 IMG_0266 IMG_0308 IMG_0358 IMG_0370 IMG_0429 IMG_0440 IMG_0534 IMG_0644

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