Celebrating International Women’s Day, BAOWE announces its affiliation with the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) as a Business Sector Association and affiliate associate.

Established in 2010, BAOWE has been dedicated to representing women entrepreneurs across both formal and informal sectors throughout Bhutan. This affiliation underscores BAOWE’s commitment to promoting, supporting, and empowering women in business, aligning with BCCI’s mission to foster economic growth and development in Bhutan.

The collaboration between BAOWE and BCCI aims to amplify women’s participation in business through national representation. By joining forces, both organizations seek to foster gender inclusivity within the formal and informal sectors and provide mutual support in pursuing economic objectives.

In addition to its affiliation with BCCI, BAOWE emphasizes its significant work in promoting Grassroots Rural Entrepreneur Women (GREW) across all 20 Dzongkhags. This effort is crucial, particularly in the midst of Bhutan’s rapid economic transformation, as it focuses on empowering and uplifting women entrepreneurs at the grassroots level.

BAOWE believes that this affiliation with BCCI will be mutually beneficial, contributing positively to the economic growth and empowerment of women in Bhutan. BAOWE expresses gratitude to BCCI for considering its request for affiliation and looks forward to a fruitful partnership ahead.