BAOWE aims to be Bhutan’s premier networking organizations for women entrepreneurs, bringing women and female professionals from a broad range of markets, disciplines and perspectives together to complement, materialize and conduct social business or business anchored in GNH values!

BAOWE will work tirelessly to offer opportunities to build your contact base, share resources, acquire referrals, and develop skills and knowledge that will help your business grow from strength to strength.

BAOWE’s unique relationship-building approach and welcoming attitude will make it easy to build real, long-term business relationships for women entrepreneurs within Bhutan and beyond.

BAOWE will help you see the benefits of social entrepreneurship and social business.

BAOWE will offer numerous opportunities to network, build capacity and connect with other professional women and like-minded organizations.Whatever your plans, BAOWE will enable you to develop and grow,  not only your business, but also yourself as a human being to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life whilst in the business of conducting profitable and viable enterprises.

Come and explore the benefits of being a BAOWE member