The birth of the BAOWE Pure Yogurt happened because of the project, “Decentralization Coordination and Partnerships for Gender Equality” funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC) functioned as a Project Management Unit, READ Bhutan executed the project which involved improving the economic status for vulnerable women and girls in the selected rural areas by enhancing their capacity to access livelihood (including micro enterprise) and employment opportunities.

Tshalajong Gonor Gongphel Tshogpa (dairy group), women lead self help group in full swing with technical support from DLO, LPU, livestock extension of Trong Gewog and the Livestock Department, Zhemgang.

Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAOWE) implemented component C of the project with the aims to:
(i) Strengthen the livelihood and entrepreneurial skills of Self Help Groups (SHG’s) to make the economic activities of these groups sustainable;
(ii) Enhance the employability of young people, especially girls, by improving their marketable skills; and
(iii) Providing assistance to SHGs. Eligible activities included strengthening the livelihood and entrepreneurial activities of SHGs by training them to use and maintain technology and product marketing; facilitating their participation in public and private livelihood and entrepreneurial skills training programs; and providing them with direct links to business development service providers.

BAOWE works closely with Self-help groups (SHGs) and women’s association engaged in livelihood or business activities and facilitate access of SHGs to business capacity building services and organizational strengthening opportunities by linking them to relevant government, private sector agencies or companies, and international experts.